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Hymns for the feast of St Sebastian (20 January)

This is a selection of hymns for the feast of Saint Sebastian.

The hymn suggestions below are based on the themes from his patronages, life and ministry, because no hymns specifically about Sebastian have been found.

About St Sebastian

Patron of archers, athletes and soldiers, and of a holy death. Also of several cities in Italy, Spain and Brazil.

A soldier in the Roman army, Sebastian converted many people to Christianity, and he he is known for curing a deaf mute. He is the patron saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and energetic defence of the faith.

Sebastian is often shown in art tied to a post or tree and shot with arrows, although, according to legend, he did not die from this event but was actually rescued and healed by Irene of Rome.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the archer god, Apollo, is the deliverer from pestilence, and Christian folklore represents this by crediting with this Sebastian as delivering Rome from from a raging pestilence - and later as a protector from the bubonic plague.

Sebastian died in approx 288 AD. Common belief is that je was killed during the emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians, after warning the emperor about his sins.

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