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Printable music team roster, August - October 2015

This is a printable music-team roster for the period August - October 2015.

It has:
  • One row for each Sunday in this period, labelled with the corresponding feast from the Irish liturgical calendar.
    Unless you are in Ireland, you need to review it against your own country's liturgical calendar, to remove Irish-specific feasts, and add your own.
  • Extra rows for the non-Sunday feast days when almost all churches are likely to have music (None in this period)
  • Two columns with the dates and names of the feast or liturgical calendar day.
  • Three columns for your information.
    These are labelled Co-ordinator, Musician(s), Audio-visual.  Change them to suit your local needs (eg you may need Choir Cantor, Animator, Organist, Worship Leader, etc)