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Hymns for Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday

This is a selection of hymns for celebrations of motherhood - and in particular for Mother's Day.

About Mother’s Day

Mothers's Day in the USA and many other countries (Australia, New Zealand, India) is observed on the second Sunday in May.   It was established firstly as a secular holiday to celebrate and honour one's own mother (it's officially Mother's Day, not Mothers' Day) - but has evolved to include motherhood in general, and in some communities Christian ideas about Mary the Mother of God.

In some countries (eg Ireland, the UK, Nigeria) the 4th Sunday of Lent is observed - originally as Mothering Sunday but now more commonly as Mother's Day.    Originally Mothering Sunday was when people returned to their "mother church" for the Latare Sunday service, and while doing so met their mothers and other family member in an annual celebration.   Over time, the "mother church" emphasis has fallen, and the day has come to resemble the USA's Mother's Day.

Similar celebrations are held on different days in other countries - some with a secular origin, and others from a religious basis.

These differences means that there is no clear-cut set of hymns for Mother's Day, or what such hymns should be about - or even a common opinion about whether the secular festival should be marked in church services or religious education classes.

But there are a number of hymns which some people have regarded as suitable for Mother's Day, and some of these are listed below.    These fall into several categories:
  • Hymns for or about mothers and their experiences
  • Hymns in which people give thanks for their own mother and for mothering which they have received
  • Hymns addressing God as Mother   (an idea which may be controversial in some settings)
  • Hymns about Mary, the mother of God (which may not be appropriate in some settings)
  • Hymn that address Mary as mother of humankind in general, and of specific people
  • Hymns written by famous mothers.

Suggestions from all these categories are listed below.    Review them carefully to make sure they suit your purpose, and will be acceptable in your church / school / etc.

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