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Hymns for the feast of St David of Wales (1 March)

A selection of  hymns and songs for the feast of St David of Wales.   They are chosen because they are about David, or reflect actions in his life or themes of his ministry.

Most are free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free), so the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing. Many such hymns are old/traditional - but where possible a variety of styles / genres are included.

A small selection of hymns that are still copyright but particular suitable may also be included.

About St David

David was born in Wales and is a saint of the Celtic Church.  He was a great teacher and preacher, and is often shown as a bishop with a dove his shoulder, sometimes standing on a small hill

His is buried at St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, and his shrine was a popular place of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages

The flag of St David is a yellow cross on a black background. It is not included in the Union Jack, which is the flag of the United Kingdom.

The traditional Welsh symbols of the leek and daffodil are worn on St David’s Day (leeks by the men, and daffodils by the women)

David is also the patron saint of vegetarians.