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Blank music team rota for May through July, 2024

This is a printable music-team roster for May thru July 2024. It has:
  • One row for each Sunday in this period, labelled with the corresponding feast from the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar for England and Wales(*), and notes about other observances that day or in the coming week.
  • Extra rows for any non-Sunday days when churches in may observe special feast days.  
    • Two columns with the dates and names of the feast or liturgical calendar day.
    • Three columns for your use.  These are labelled Co-ordinator, Musician(s), Audio-visual. 
      Change them to suit you team (eg you may need Choir Cantor, Animator, Organist, Worship Leader, etc)

    (*)  Why England and Wales?   Because the person who prepared this is based in Ireland - but the Irish liturgical calendar is no longer published online.  So England and Wales is the easiest to check

    Please do review this against your country's liturgical calendar, and add your own feasts as needed.

    Things to note in this time period

    This is the start of a quieter time for church-musicians:  in the northern hemisphere, the feast of Pentecost marks the start of summer holidays for many.