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Blank music team rota, August to October 2021

This is a printable music-team roster for  the period August to October 2021. It has:
  • One row for each Sunday in this period, labelled with the corresponding feast from the Irish liturgical calendar, and notes about other observances that day or in the coming week.
  • Two columns with the dates and names of the feast or liturgical calendar day.
  • Three columns for your use.  These are labelled Co-ordinator, Musician(s), Audio-visual.  Change them to suit your (eg you may need Choir Cantor, Animator, Organist, Worship Leader, etc)

Things to note in this time period

The Sundays in these three months are mainly in Ordinary Time, with few liturgical feasts.   This is the traditional start of the school year in the northern hemisphere, and it includes October which is traditionally a month of popular devotion expressed by praying the Rosary.   It also includes Creation time and, in the northern hemisphere, Harvest Festival.