Hymns for the feast of St Gerard Majella (16 October)

This is a selection of English-language hymns suitable for the feast of St Gerard Majella, which is celebrated on 16 October.     

The hymns listed are either directly about Gerard, or based on the themes from his life and ministry.  The list is in two parts:   free-use  that can be used with no concerns about copyright (because they are in the public domain), and hymns that may still be copyright.

If you know any other English-language hymns about St Gerard Majella, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

About St Gerard Majella

Gerard Majella / Gerardo Maiella (1726-1755), was born in Muro, a small town in Italy.  He was a pious, though sickly, child who played at conducting holy rituals - and miraculous things happened when he did. 

His father died young, and he was apprenticed to a tailor, where he was not always well-treated, but he bore this with good humour, "for the love of Jesus Christ".

Gerard had a strong devotion to God, and wanted to enter religious life.  He was rejected by many orders because he was too frail.  Eventually aged 23, he was accepted as a lay brother by the Redemptorists (the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer).  He fitted in well, though he exhibited supernatural gifts including ecstasy, prophecy, reading consciences, discernment of spirits and bilocation.

In 1754, he was accused of making a young woman pregnant.  When asked him to explain, he stayed silent - like Jesus did.   So he was disciplined, and he bore this with equanimity and charity.  Eventually his accuser felt remorse, and confessed that the story was untrue, and Gerard's response was seen as virtuous.

When visiting a family, Gerard accidentally left a handkerchief behind. A young girl tried to return it, but he told her to keep it because she might need it someday. Years later, after Gerard's death, she was close to dying in childbirth, and in in severe pain . When she requested Gerard's handkerchief and pressed it against her belly, her pain disappeared and she gave birth to a healthy child.  Since this, many images of Gerard are labeled "Insignis parturientium protector” (notable protector of childbirth).

Gerard died of TB aged twenty-nine.   He was beatified in 1893, and declared a saint (canonised) in 1904 by Pope Pius X.  He is the patron saint of expectant mothers / pregnant women, mothers, childbirth and children, falsely accused people, good confessions, lay brothers, the pro-life movement and unborn children.   He is popularly known as “The Mother's Saint”.

Free-use hymns

Let Hymns Resound in Joyful Story

Hymns which may still be copyright

Anything we Ask (video)

Friend in Need

From Earth's Sorrow

God Will Provide (video)

Great Before God (video)

Holy Gerard (video)

I'm So Grateful (video)

Pray, Pray for Us (video)

Santo Gerard (video)

St Gerard Wonder Worker (video)

Strong Lover of the Lance-torn Heart

The Mass of St Gerard Majella is written for four-part (SATB) choir with organ, alto sax, trumpet - by Irish composer Ephrem Feeley.

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