Building bridges between God's people, by providing tools for managing music and worship arts programmes in liturgical churches.

There are plenty of websites to help you understand scripture, theology and liturgy. 

There are plenty of websites with music suggestions, and learned articles about how to choose good music for liturgy.

We aim to have links to the best of these.

More importantly, we will provide templates that you can use to plan and organise your own liturgies.   No theology, no worship-wars, no copyright restrictions.   Just templates, tools and resources that you can use, and adapt to suit the needs of your community, no matter what your liturgical style.

Also, we will have articles and links to help with the management aspects of running music and worship-arts programmes in liturgical churches.  This may include:
  • organising your music-library
  • copyright
  • audio / video systems
  • team scheduling
  • leadership styles
  • managing relationships
  • planning and budgeting
  • recruiting new volunteers
  • managing staff vs volunteers
  • dealing with complaints

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