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Are there categories or topics you would like hymn suggestions for?    Leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page, and I'll see what I can do.


  1. I need music suggestions for daily mass, especially on Saturday morning. Those suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I don't know of any existing on-line (or off-line for that matter) places to find weekday Mass suggestions.

      I have thought about doing a series on this myself - and might still do so. However I won't be able to start on that until after the Easter season next year.

      If you do find any other weekday Mass suggestions, please do let us know. And I will be keeping an eyes out for them too.

  2. I need suggestions for Mass Hymns for Sunday, Dec 31, 2017, from Gather or Catholic Book of Worship. I am from Canada. Thank you.

    1. Hi

      The first thing to do is check what feast is being celebrated in your country on that day. Various liturgy calendars for this year are linked to from here: http://www.liturgytools.net/2017/10/catholic-sunday-feast-day-calendars-english-speaking-countries.html

      From that I see that in Canada, 31 December 2017 is being observed as the Feast of the Holy Family, Year B. (The Year is shown on the top row.)

      Knowing that, you can find the feast day listed here: http://www.liturgytools.net/p/roman-catholic-lectionary-based-hymn.html

      ... and that takes you to the page for this feast, which is here: http://www.liturgytools.net/2014/12/mass-hymns-feast-of-the-holy-family-of-nazareth-jesus-joseph-mary.html

      Unfortunately I'm not able to break suggestions down based on which hymn-books they're in - there are simply too many options. But hopefully you can look through the suggestions, and either recognise some, or be reminded of other hymns you know based on them.

      And yes, I do wish this was simpler!

      I hope your Mass goes well.

  3. hi, I'm looking for hymns suitable for folk mass for palm Sun.. I felt the suggestions coming up were more suited to organ music. thank you. karen(laois)

    1. Hi Karen
      Thanks for your comment.

      You are right - many of the suggestions were written to be played on the organ, and some don't work as well on other instruments. This is estpecially true for the public-domain / free-use hymns which are the first part of each list of suggestions. These are gradually having a second section added, which lists hymns that are still copyright but are particularly appropriate.


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