Wedding liturgy planning worksheet - Catholic nuptial Mass

This is an order-of-service template for a Catholic nuptial Mass wedding ceremony.

The worksheet has one line for each item that typically occurs in a wedding liturgy, and space to record the specific details:  what readings and hymns, who is doing them, what key the music is in.   It can be used along side other wedding planning advice sites/guidelines, to record the specific choices that you make for your ceremony.

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About this template

This wedding Mass planning template is laid out so that everything fits on one page, and every major item is listed. This lets anyone can see at a glance what happens when. It is is particularly intended for:
  • The bride and groom, and whoever is helping them to plan the liturgical details of their wedding service
  • Musicians who need to know what they need to play / sing, and when it occurs in the service
  • Audio visual and other technical people, who need to know what equipment is needed where and when
  • Photographers, who want to know exactly which parts of the service pictures are needed in.

And it may be useful for other people who have a role in the service but are nervous about knowing exactly when they need to carry it out etc.

The listing is based on a standard order of service for a nuptial (ie wedding) published by the United States Catholic Bishops.  You must also consult your own celebrant about what is required and / or possible in your parish / diocese / country, as there may be variations and local practises to take into account.

You can change  the template to suit your needs - the Microsoft Word version is for this, while the PDF version will always print nicely.

Make a copy of the template by right-clicking on these icons, and choosing the option (eg save target as, save file as) to save the file into your computer.

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