Hymns for the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ / Corpus Christi, Year C (19 June 2022) - Catholic lectionary

Hymns and songs, based on themes from the Roman Catholic lectionary for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) in Year C of the Roman Catholic lectionary.

Most are free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free) meaning the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing - sometimes in a limited setting. Many of these hymns are old/traditional - but where possible a variety of styles and genres are included.

A small selection of hymns that are still subject to copyright may also be included.

See lectionary art for this Sunday for suggested pictures and art-works based on today's readings.

Suggestions about other free-to-use hymns that could be included are welcome: leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


First: Genesis-14:18-20:  Melchizedek King of Salem brought bread and wine, and gave a blessing to Abraham.

Psalm: 109 - You are a priest forever, like Melchizedek of old / The Lord's revelation to my Master / The Lord will send from Zion / A prince from the day of your birth / The Lord has sworn an oath he will not change

Second: Corinthians:   Paul to the Corinthians 1:23-26 - Every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are proclaiming his death.

Gospel:   Luke 9:11-27  -   Miracle of the loaves and fishes.


We bring bread and wine which Christ transforms, like the priests of old.  Eucharist.   Faithfulness.

Free-use hymns

Pictures and images selected based on this reading which can be freely used.

Free-use hymns

Alleluia Sing to Jesus

At that First Eucharist

At the Lamb's High Feast we Sing

Come and Take the Flesh of Christ

Comes let's Share in the Banquet of the Lord

Draw Near and Take the Body of your Lord

Draw us in the Spirit's Tether

Feed us now O Son of God

Godhead here in Hiding (verse 5)

Jesus my Lord my God my All

Let us Break Bread Together on our Knees

O Living Bread from Heaven

O Sacrament Most Holy

O Salutaris Hostia

O Thou who at thy Eucharist did Pray

Psalm 109 - Music for Mass setting

Sing my Tongue the Saviour's Glory

Soul of my Saviour

Tantum Ergo

Hymns which may still be copyright

Bread of Life Hope of the World - Farrell

In Love for Me (This is my body ...) - Landry

The Supper of the Lord - Rosania

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