Hymns for The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), Year A (18 June 2017)

A selection of free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free) hymns and songs, based on themes from the Roman Catholic lectionary for solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (previously called Corpus Christi), Year A.

"Free-to-use" means the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing. Many such hymns are old/traditional - but where possible a variety of styles / genres are included.


First: Deuteronomy - Moses reminds the people that God fed them in the desert with manna, and brought them out of slavery in Egypt

Psalm: 147 - O praise the Lord Jerusalem / He established peace on your borders / He makes his word known to Jacob.

Second: I Corinthians - The blessing cup that we bless is a communion with the blood of Christ ... there is only one loaf - thought there are many of us, we form a single body.

Sequence:   Sing forth, O Zion, sweetly sing ...

Gospel: John - I am the living bread come down from heaven ... Anyone who does eat my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise him up on the last day.


Jesus, bread of life.   Food and drink of eternal life.   Manna in Old Testament times is equivalent to Christ today.

Suggested free-use hymns

Alleluia Sing to Jesus (esp verse 3)

Come and Take the Flesh of Christ

Draw Nigh (Near) and Take the Body of our Lord

Draw us in the Spirit's Tether

Godhead Here in Hiding

Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer

Here is Salvation

Jesu the Joy of Loving Hearts

Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  (esp verse 2)

Let us Break Bread Together

Lord Enthroned in Heavenly Splendour (esp verse 5)

My God and is Thy Table Spread

O Bread of Heaven

O Bread of Life from Heaven

O Godhead Hid

O Sacrament Most Holy

Panga Lingua Gloriosi

Praise we Christ's Immortal Body

Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless

Thou who at Thy First Eucharist

Suggestions about hymns that could be included are welcome: leave a comment below.

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