Template booklet for a Catholic funeral Mass

This is a template document in Microsoft Word format for making a booklet for a Roman Catholic funeral (ie requiem) Mass.

It can be used with the Catholic funeral Mass order-of-service planning template,

The Mass is the longest and most-well know part of a Catholic funeral service.   See Catholic funeral templates - an overview for more information about the overall funeral structure.

Downloadable funeral-Mass booklet template

The booklet is designed to be printed on one A4 sheet of paper.  This is folded in half to make an A5 size booklet that has four pages:
  • Front cover:   the deceased's name and dates, and either a cross or their photo
  • Inside left side:   Mass details
  • Inside right side:  Mass information continues
  • Back cover:   Final Mass details, plus message of thanks and information about what will happen after the mass is over

This is the cheapest type of booklet to make, and the simplest to print and put together.

The document can be used as the basis for a two-sheet (ie eight page) booklet by keeping things in order, and considering how the pages will fold together.    

To start a new "page", use the Insert > Break > Column menu option - because the template is made using Word's "Columns" feature.

How to use the template

Make a copy of the file by right-clicking on the picture, and choosing the option (eg save target as, save file as) to save the file into your computer.

Open the document, and go to Page 2.
  • On the right hand side, put in the deceased's name (into PERSON NAME).
  • If you have a picture you want to use, replace the cross with it.
  • Put in the date and location underneath the photo / cross.

Go to Page 1.
  • Put in the names of the priest, servers, musicians - and anyone else you want to add.
  • Work through each section of the Mass.   In each place where there are CAPITAL LETTERS you need to add details.    
  • To make space to add hymn-words, you may need to remove some things (eg words of the Mass parts and Our Father), or to make the font smaller.

Go back to Page 2
  • Complete the Mass details
  • Complete the thanks message. 
  • Add in details about what happens next:   each country and community has different expectations about what happens after the Mass and what information should be given here.

At the very bottom of the page, there is a copyright section, which looks like this:

  • If you take out the words of the Holy Holy, Mystery of Faith and Lamb of God, then you can remove it.
  • If you put in hymn words, then you may need to add more information about your parish's copyright license - check with your music director or parish secretary for information about this.

Adding and removing sections

Many people want to add extra items - or you may want to delete some if you feel they are so well-known that they're' unnecessary (eg the Other Father).    

Doing this is simple, because the template is made with a Table.   To add or remove a whole line,
  • Select the whole line above or below
  • Right click 
  • Chose Insert or Delete 
  • Choose either Row Above, Row Below (to add a line) or  Delete Row (for to remove it)

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