Music practise planning template

This form is for planning the music practise session for a church service.

It is suitable for a choir/music director who is planning ahead, or for a small music group / ensemble who are planning on a co-operative basis.

The worksheet allows you to list the items you need to practise, and allocate times for each one.

It also has timeslots for tasks and activities that often need to happen during practise time - this can help you to remember everything that needs to be done, and prompts you to allocate time for the extra tasks.

It could easily be adapted to other types of church-service practises.
MS Word version

 PDF version

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How to use the template:

  • Download a copy (MS Word version if you want to adapt it, PDF if you don't) by right-clicking on the icon.
  • Decide what tasks apply in your situation, and what to leave out
  • Write in the specfic songs / hymns / service-music items you plan to work on.
  • If your time is limited, allocate timeframes to each item: make any adjustments needed.

See How to run a music practise for a church service for hints and tips about using each of the items on the template, and making the best use of your practise time.


The form is covered by a Creative Commons licence that lets you to change it, and make as many copies as you want, for non-commercial purposes:  the only restriction is that you must not remove the copyright notice.

This means you are welcome to adapt this form for other types of service, and put your church's name or logo on it - so long as you leave the note in the bottom footer in place.

What does the form look like:

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