How to edit planning templates made with Microsoft Word tables

The planning templates provided on this website have a certain number of rows and columns, and they use tables to make sure that the display looks good and can be reformatted easily.

Depending on what is happening at your church, you may need to add more rows or columns, or to delete some. 

The following sections show how to add and delete information from a template made with a table in Microsoft Word.    Other word-processing apps (eg Google Docs) are likely to work in similar ways.

Adding and removing sections

You may need to add extra items to a template, or to delete some. of the existing ones.   This can be done to either rows   (is horizontally across the page) or columns (items showing one-under-the-other in a template)..

To add or remove a whole line or row

  • Select the whole line above or below the one you want to change
  • Right click 
  • Chose Insert or Delete 
  • Choose either Row Above, Row Below (to add a line) or  Delete Row (for to remove it)

To add or remove a whole column,

  • Select the entire column on either side of the one you want to change
  • Right click 
  • Chose Insert to add a column, or Delete to remove it totally
  • Choose either Insert Columns to the Left or Insert Columns to the Right - or one of the other options as appropriate.

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