Hymns about angels

An Angel Playing a Flageolet, Edward Burne-Jones

This is a selection of hymns (excluding Christmas carols) about angels.

Hymns in this list have a "substantial" mention of angels:  typically angels are in more than one verse, or one verse has a great deal of detail about them, for example Holy God we Praise Thy Name with verse 2 including a reference to "cherubim and seraphim."

Hymns which have only a passing mention of angels are not included.

The list is in two parts:   free-use hymns that can be used with no concerns about copyright (because they are in the public domain), and hymns that may still be copyright depending on the laws in your country.

About angels

An angel is a supernatural spiritual being who / which is a servant of God.  They are often depicted as benevolent celestial intermediaries or messengers between God and human beings, protectors and guides for humans.   In art, they have traditionally been shown as gentle, feminine characters with wings, harps and light coloured garments.   In the Bible, they are described in more masculine terms - and the best known angels are Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

There are a large number of older hymns about angels, and fewer modern ones.  Conversely, there are a large number of modern / popular songs which are totally secular apart from including angels - these aren't included here.

Angels feature in a lot of Christmas songs, and also at resurrection, reflections about end times, in funeral hymns and also in some praise/worship hymns.  Some people choose to focus on angels around the time of Halloween / All Saints / All Souls days.

Free-use hymns

Angel Band

Angel Choir - Warner

Angel of Peace - Wendell Holmes

The Angels Hymn - the (Fear not, fear not, O ye shepherds) - Wayland

Angels Roll The Rock Away

Angel Voices Ever Singing

Angels Would Tell It

Beautiful Angel (Guardian Angel)

From Heavn The Sinning Angels Fell

God Hath Sent His Angels - Brooks

Hark The Angels Bright Are Singing - Cusack

Hark The Notes Of Angels Singing - Kelly

Heavenly Chorus - Jeffrey

Holy Holy Is What The Angels Sing - Oatman

Jesus the Glory of the Holy Angels

Keep The Household Angels Singing -Hewitt

Joy Among The Angels -Teasley

Lo The Destroying Angel Flies - Watts

Oh City Of The Angels - Rexfored

On Wings Of Living Light - How

The Angel Of The Lord Emcampeth - Hawks

The Angels Have Charge Over Thee - Thayer

The Angels Song

The Three Angels’ Messages - unknown, pre 1856 (ref)

There Is Joy Among The Angels / The Angels Joy - Teasley

They Come Gods Messengers Of Love

What Happy Men Or Angels These

Will The Angels Come for Me

Why Do The Holy Angels Sing

Ye Angels Who Stand Round The Throne

Ye Holy Angels Bright

Hymns which may still be copyright

All Day All Night (Angels watching over me) - McCoy

Angels (Hillsong) - Sampson

Ten Thousand Angels - Cooper

Do you know any other hymns about angels?   Please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

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