Hymns about the story of Noah and the Ark

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This is a selection of hymns based on story of Noah and the ark / flood, as told in Genesis 6:13–9:29.  It does not include hymns about other topics which could be implied from the story - just ones that are directly based on it.  

The list is in two sections:
  • Free-use (either copyright has expired, or the author has allowed them to be freely used)
  • Still subject to copyright and so can only be used if you are covered by a copyright license.
Both children's and adults hymns / songs are included in each list - because except for the youngest of children, it is is difficult to draw a clear line between them.    However, for this particular bible story, most of the songs found so far are children's songs.   

Are there other hymns and songs which could be added?   Please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

About the story of Noah and the ark

In the flood narrative in the book of Genis, God saves Noah, and his family, and two of each animal in t eh world from a flood so extreme that all land was submerged for weeks.  

God does this by telling Noah to build an Ark, ie a boat so large that they could all live in it and wait until the flood waters went down.  After the flood, the rainbow is presented as the sing of God's covenant with humankind.

There as been extensive historical study into the truth of this story, and the links it may have with world events.   Nonetheless, as a story it catches human attention, and has been the basis for many art-works, and many children's songs songs and plays.

Songs and hymns which may be freely used

Ark of Salvation - Mühlenberg (1796 - 1877)

Arky Arky - unknown, to the tune of Rise and Shine 

Come to the Ark - from Percy Francis Hall's Christian Hymn Book, 1841

Covenant of the Bow - Richards

Do you see the Animals - unknown, tune of "The Muffin Man" 

God made a Rainbow - unknown, tune of "Jesus Loves Me"

Good Old Noah Built an Ark - unknown

Mister Noah (video) - based on Shay, 1927

Noah sent the Dove - unknown, tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

One More River to Cross - various versions

Out of the Ark - Pollard (Harrington)

Song of the Hill (The ark was seen to rest on a hill) - Mason

The Ark - The Princeton Song Book (1869) - ref

The Old Ark (Noah built an ark, he built it on the ground) - Taylor

The Old Ark's a-movering - unknown

Hymns and songs which may still be copyright

All Of the Creatures God Had Made - Forster

Fancy Noah Sailing in the Ark - Gibson

God Sends a Rainbow (Colours of Hope) - Forster

Long Ago, God Reached In Love - Gillette (ref)

Never Again, Noah - Wagoner

Noah Action Song (video) - not identified, for under 5s

Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord (Oh the Lord Looked Down)

Noah Was a Man of God - Couchman

There's a Rainbow in the Sky (Forty days and nights afloat) - Forster

There's a true story about a man in a boat - Negus / Negus / Schut

When Noah's Ark was High and Dry - Kann

Who Built the Ark? - Seeger
Who Built the Ark? - Johnston    (video)

You Are Our God; We Are Your People - Hoekema (b. 1950) 

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