Meeting minutes template for Liturgy Committees

This Microsoft Word file that can be used for writing up the minutes of a liturgy committee meeting (or other meetings too).

MS Word file to download     Click to open OR Right-click / Save target as to save

To record the plan for a specific liturgy, then one of the service-planning templates might be more useful.

The document has major sections for
  • Minutes of the previous meeting
  • What's coming up 
  • What's just happened (reviewing progress)
  • Reports from Ministry teams (eg readers, music, ushers)
  • Reports from target groups (eg children, youth, elderly, ethnic communities)
  • Looking forward - next meeting etc

Under each section, there are sub-topics:  add or delete sub-topics if you need to.

For every subtopic there is an ACTION list:  use this to say who will do each task: Recording who and when is generally the most important part of any meeting minutes.

If your committee is is organized differently, change the section headings to suit you - this is just a template, and you can alter it any way you want to.

The file is an ordinary .doc file, not a Word .dot template, because I've found that the latter were too complicated for most people to use.

Who is it for

The file is for anyone who needs to document the minutes of a liturgy committee meeting - and could easily be adapted for the minutes of other types of meetings.  It is usually used by the secretary, note-taker or perhaps the meeting chairperson/facilitator.

It assumes that the minutes need to show what was decided, not every single detail of what happened.   Items like opening and closing prayer are not included, because it's unlikely that anyone in future will look back for information about them.

How to use the template

  • Download and open the file (click on the picture to start downloading)
  • Choose File > Save as, and save it on your desktop with an appropriate name (eg the date of the meeting and name of the committee)
  • Enter the date, names of people who attended, and who sent apologies.
  • Record the decisions made, and any important points noted, 
  • Record what needs to be done (ie the actions) following the meeting.   For each action, write down who needs to do it and when - and if they're not there, who will tell them about the job.
  • Send the minutes to anyone who should receive them (eg people at the meeting), and make sure a copy goes into the official file (if there is one). 

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