Hymns for the Annunciation of the Lord - 25 March

A selection of hymns and song suggestions for the Feast (Solemnity) of the Annunciation, which is on 25 March - exactly 9 months before Christmas day.

Most are free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free), meaning the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing - sometimes in a limited setting.  Many of these hymns are old / traditional - but where possible a variety of styles and genres are included.

A few hymns that are still copyright may also be included, if they are particularly appropriate.

About the Annunciation

The Annunciation remembers the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and announcing that she has been chosen as the Mother of God - and her willing "yes" to God's plan.

The same readings are used no matter whether the day falls on a Sunday or weekday.    It may be transferred tot the closest Sunday, if it occurs outside of Lent.


1st:  Isaiah 7:10-14. 8:10 - The Lord spoke to the House of David and promised a sign ... the maiden is with child and will soon give birth to a son whom she will name Emmanuel.

Psalm 39 - Here I am Lord I come to do your will / You do not ask for sacrifice and offerings / In the scroll of the book it stand written / Your justice I have proclaimed / I have not hidden your justice in my heart.

2nd:  Hebrews 10:4-10 - God, here I am, I am coing to obey your will.

Gospel:   Luke 1:26-38 - Gabriel was sent by God to Mary ...Rejoice to highly favoured, the Lord is with you ... you are to conceive and bear a son ... your kinswoman Elizabeth has herself conceived a son.


Mary's acceptance of God's plans - her role as mother of God

Free-use hymns

A Message Came to a Maiden Young (Annunciation Carol)

Ave Maria

Be Joyful, Mary, Heav’nly Queen

Blest are the Pure in Heart

Gabriel's Message Does Away

Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above

How Pure How Fragile and White

Immaculate Mary / Mother

O Mary of Graces

Praise We the Lord This Day

Salve Regina

Sing of Mary Pure and Lowly

The Angel Gabriel (Annunciation Carol)

The Angel Spake (Spoke) the Word

(Thou) The God(Word) whom Earth and Sea and Sky Adore

Ye Watchers and you Holy Ones

Ye who Claim the Faith of Jesus

Hymns which may still be copyright

Gabriel of High Degree - Daw

The Word whom Earth and Sea and Sky Adore  (verse 2 is still copyright)

Suggestions about hymns that could be included are welcome: leave a comment below.

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