PowerPoint template for a hymn or song

This is a PowerPoint file for adding the words or even the sheet-music of a hymn or song to your "library" of song-files.

This PowerPoint document is the "skeleton" of the elements that you may need to add a song/hymn to your collection of song/hymn words.   It has space for:
  • The title
  • Author and composer
  • Lyrics / sheet music for one verse or chorus
  • Copyright / license information
  • A very small slide or verse number.

See managing your files library  to understand why a collection of individual song-files is the best option medium / long term for managing your files.

Templates to download

How to use the template

  • Click on the file-layout you want (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio: most new projectors show an image that is 16:9 - check with your manufacturer if you are unsure which is needed).
    This opens the Document Viewer, which gives you a preview of the template.
  • Click the Download button in the Document Viewer to put a copy of the file onto your own computer (or any other location you choose.) 

Fonts, colours and background

These templates don't have any particular styling applied.    Instead, when you put them into a particular slideshow, you can use the default background colour and font size and colour for it.   This means that:
  • When you make a song file with it, the file has black text on a white background, with 32 point font (standard ratio) or 44pt (widescreen ration) BUT
  • When you include the song file into the slide-set for a service, it picks up the colour and font values for the slideset (eg it may show white text on dark green, if those are the values for the service-file)
(Note:  this only works if you Include the file, not if you copy/paste from it.)

File type

The file is an ordinary PowerPoint file, not a PowerPoint template, because the PowerPoint templates are more complicated to change if  you want to customize the template for your particular church building.

Copyright status

All templates on LiturgyTools.net are is covered by a Creative Commons licence: you can change them, and make as many copies as you want for non-commercial purposes: so long as you don't remove the copyright notice.

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