Hymns for Australia Day (26 January)

A selection of hymns and songs suitable for church or worship services marking Australia Day (26 January).

These are in two categories:
  • free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free) meaning the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing - sometimes in a limited setting.
  • Hymns that are still copyright.
Usually these lists focus on free-use hymns - but for relatively young countries like Australia, they may be a minority, simply because many nationally-focused hymns are still in copyright.

There is a certain tension in suggesting hymns for national / secular events, and a need to balance material which celebrate positive aspects of the event or memorial with ones that acknowledge justice related issues which are surfaced by the event.   Suggestions of additional hymns and songs that may provide this balance are very welcome.

Suggestions about hymns that could be included are welcome: leave a comment below.

Free-use hymn suggestions

Advance Australia Fair  (not technically a hymn)

Give Glory - Beavis

We Stand for God (esp. verse 3)

Suggested hymns which may still be copyright

A Blessing Hymn for Australia - Herry (sheet music)

All Things Bright and Beautiful - Australian adaptation (Black and compilers of NEH - lyrics here

Around this Land we Love so Well - Bates

Bless our Land - Monica Brown

Called to Create (Made in God’s likeness) -Lewis and Spencer

Creator God You made this Land - Pearson

Follow the Saviour - Buchanan

Deep Stillness - Mann and Perrin

Go Forth my Heart and Seek Delight - adapted version

God of Peace - Kelly CSSR / Wilcock SJ  (ref)

Help of Christians Guard this Land - McAuley / Connolly

If we can now say that We're Sorry - Fletcher

Lord of Earth and all Creation - Thwaites

Lord of all Nations Grant me Grace - Spannaus

Praise to Christ - Kelly CSSR / Wilcock SJ

Song for Australia / Song of Australia - Wiltshire / Inglis  (sheet music)

We're Standing Here on Holy Ground - Brown

Where Wide Sky Rolls Down - Smith

You were in this Place - Mann

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