Hymns about the parable of the great feast / wedding banquet

This is a selection of hymns based on parable of the great feast.

It does not include hymns about other topics which could be implied from the parable - just ones which relate directly to it or to very similar stories.

The list is grouped into two sections:
  • Free-use (either copyright has expired, or the author has allowed them to be freely used)
  • Still subject to copyright and so can only be used if you are covered by a copyright license.

Both children's and adults hymns / songs are included in each list - because except for the youngest of children, it is is difficult to draw a clear distinction between them.

About the Parable of the Wedding Feast

This story, also known as the parable of the Great Banquet, or the Parable of the Wedding of the King's Son or Parable of the Royal Wedding is told in:
  • Luke 14:16-24
  • Matthew 22:1-14

In this parable Jesus says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a king, who prepared a marriage feast for his son, and sent his servants to call people to feast, but they would not come. The king responded by inviting whoever he could find from the street to come instead, both bad and good. When the king saw the guests, he noted that one man wasn't wedding clothing, and he was ejected with the explanation "For many are called, but few chosen."

It is not the same as the parable of the wedding feast at Cana, in which Jesus turns water into wine.

Songs and hymns which may be freely used

All is Ready - Crosby

All Things are Ready Come to the Feast - Gabriel

At the Lamb's High Feast we Sing

Comes Sinners to the Gospel Feast - Wesley

Come Ye Who are the Bidden Guests

Deck Thyself my Soul with Gladness

Have ye Heard the Invitation - Hoppe

How Rich are Thy Provisions Lord - Watts

Lord we Adore Thy Boundless Grace (verse 3) - Steele

My God and is Thy Table Spread

Sinners Obey the Gospel Word (verse 1) - Wesley

The Lamb's High Banquet

Thy Hand O Lord has Guided (verse 2)

Ye Sons of Men Come one and All

Ye Wretched Hungry Starving Poor

Hymns and songs which may still be copyright

A King Planned a Party - Gillette, tune THE ASHGROVE  (author's website)

A King Put on Feast - Grindal

Among us and Before us Lord - Bell

Come and Dine (Well, the Lord gave a party and invited the neighbours) - Ylvisaker

Come and Dine the Master Calleth - Widmeyer  (public domain in the US but not in some countries)

Come the Banquet Hall is Ready - Hesla / Dexheimer-Pharris

Come to the Banquet the Table is Set - Clark / Thomerson

From all the Wind's Wide Quarters - Dudley-Smith

I Call you to my Father's House - Dufner

Parable of the Banquet - Johnston (video)

Shout for Joy the Lord has Let us Feast - Bell / Maule

The Wedding Banquet / I Cannot Come - Winter

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