Catholic Mass prayers and responses - set out as a one page, printable sheet

This is a one-sheet-of-paper (ie two A4 page) card with the responses and prayers said by people attending a Roman Catholic Mass in the English language.

The prayers from the welcome, penetential rite, readings and creed are on one side, and from the Eucharistic prayer, Our Father, Communion and dismissal are on the other.

The contents are from the English translation of The Roman Missal © 2010, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc, as distributed by the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops conference.   These materials are freely distributed, to be used in line with the general provision to make these texts available for worship purposes.

Parts of the Mass which are different every day (eg the psalm, the readings, the antiphons, hymns) are not included.


  • To download a file, click a link above. You’ll be taken to a page were can either print it or save a copy of it onto your own computer.
  • This printable is for your own parish / school / etc.
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Using these Catholic Mass response cards

These pages are designed to be printed back to back, and laminated together into one card.  They were originally designed for school children attending Mass in class-groups.   But they may have other uses in a parish, for example you could have  small number available  for visitors and people who are learning English - if you do this, make sure you let people know where to find the cards.

Use the PDF version if you want a file that prints exactly as it looks on screen .   Or use the  Microsoft Word version if you want to change the contents and / or pictures. 

Each item is numbered, to make it easier for teachers to tell students which prayer to look at.

Small pictures are used to reinforce what is happening at around that time during the Mass, and to keep the leaflets more visually engaging.

If the front-page is printed on one colour paper, and the back page is printed in another colour, then teachers can tell at a glance if the correct page is being used.

A half-page size booket-format sheet is also available, for use when a full-size sheet is not needed, eg at home.


The prayers and responses included in this Mass card are:

Side One

1 Greeting - the Lord be with you / and with your spirit
2 Penitential Act Form A (The Confiteor) and Form B (Lord have mercy)
3 Gloria - full text, with the priest saying the first line
4 After first and second readings (The Word of the Lord / Thanks be to God)
5 Greeting the Gospel (Alleluia OR Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ), verse and respons
6 Dialogue before the Gospel: the Lord be with you / and with your spirit / a reading from the holy Gospel according to ...
7 After the Gospel: The Gospel of the Lord / Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.
8 The Creed - full text of both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed

Side two

9   Invitation to Prayer:... Blessed are you, Lord God of ... / Blessed be God for ever
10 Preface Dialogue: The Lord be with you / And with your spirit / Lift up your hearts / etc
11 Holy, Holy, Holy
12 Memorial Acclamation - the three option
13 Doxology / Amen: Through him, and with him ... etc / Amen
14 Our Father - full text
15 Sign of Peace: The peace of the Lord be with you always / And with your spirit / Peace be with you
16 Lamb of God .. full text
17 Invitation to Communion: Behold the Lamb of God ... Lord, I am not worthy ...
18 Concluding Rites: The Lord be with you / And with your spirit.


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