A very short history of the versions of the Roman Catholic Mass - slideshow version

These slides build a one-page, explanation of the different versions of the Roman Catholic Mass which are in use today, particularly focussing on ICEL-1973 and ICEL-2010.

NB the slideshow does not work in some versions of Internet Explorer. However you can download a PowerPoint version of it, or a PDF file of the final diagram, here:

What's not included

The theology behind the different versions and translations, and the process by which they were adopted, is not discussed here:

The site's provides tools for managing music and worship arts programmes:  doing this requires knowing of what versions are used, not about why they are used.  Information about the theological, spiritual and pastoral implications of particular items (translations, prayers, hymns, tunes, etc) is better provided by other sites that are run by specialists in these areas.   These includes these sites with resources supporting the implementation of the "new" translation of the Mass.

These files are © www.LiturgyTools.net.   You may copy and adapt them for  non-commercial use provided the copyright notice is not removed.

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