Hymn collection on the move

LiturgyTools.net was set up to share tools, templates and advice about managing music and worship arts programmes in more traditional / liturgical churches.

The material that was loaded initially included "an eclectic collection" of hymns which I happened to have made PowerPoint slides or sheet music (usually in lead-sheet format) for.

Unexpected visitors to the site

It was a surprise when lots of people came to the website looking for some very specific religious songs and hymns.  But research has suggested that there is a genre that is not well-covered by the other hymn-websites available today, and that some hymns that I loaded are from that genre.

A change of direction?

I was delighted to have been of service in this way - but some issues arose.  A constant flow of hymns and songs makes the site unattractive for people who are interested in the "tools, templates and articles" that the site promised, so subscriber numbers were low.   Articles were postponed in favour of loading hymns.  Also, some of the songs, which are useful in other contexts, are not really suitable for more formal worship / liturgy.  Either the objectives needed to change, or an alternative was needed.

LiturgyTools.net and GodSongs.net - sister websites

GodSongs.net, which is dedicated to sharing songs that God's people sing together.   It will run alongside LiturgyTools.net - allowing the latter to focus on tools and templates (and also prayers, service music etc).

The hymns and songs from LiturgyTools.net have now all moved to GodSongs.net, although service music has stayed here.

If you have suggestions about things you'd like to see on either site, please leave a comment below.

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