Self-publishing composers

A list of individual composers of liturgical music who distribute or promote their works via websites and one-person publication companies.

Who is included

The list includes published song-writers and composers who make some materials available on websites (eg for a limited time before it is published), and others who are not yet published or who have chosen to distribute through non-traditional channels only.

Websites offering materials of more than one (or perhaps two) authors are not listed here: instead they can be found on the Other publishers for liturgical churches page.

What materials

"Liturgical music" refers to music that is mainly suited for groups of people (anything from an ensomble to the entire congregation) in a more-structured public worship. It can include work for a varity of musical styles and traditions.

This is not a listing of recording artists (although many have made recordsings): all sites listed provide notation of at least the melody line for most works, if not a lead-sheet or full instrumental score (sometimes only by mail order). That said, many composers do also provide MP3, video or other sound files.

"Quality" and suitability cannot be guaranteed:  what is appropriate for one church or situation may be totally wrong in another, and the range of genres is wide.

Some materials from these sites are available for free download, others need to be purchased. In come cases, only samples are available on the websites, and full works need to be purchased off-line.


Patrick Appleford

Christopher J. S. (Chris) deSilva 
An Australian Roman Catholic liturgical musician, who (since 2019) distributed his music free for worship use.

Chris (CJ) Olding - Wheatsheaf Music
A UK-based composer of modern Catholic music, for organ and guitar

Chris Skinner
A New Zealand Marist priest and teacher, who has written a number of works, some more suitable for performance, but some with liturgical application.

CMJ Music
An English collective - their offers include free-use settings of various responsorial psalms.

David Lee -
An English composer with an (Anglican?) "small church" "music group" background, whose website is about sharing his music and expertise.

David McCarthy Music
A small US composer and church musician who sells his choral and handbell music on-line, with a licensing for unlimited copying. Sample and sound files are available.

Ian Callanan
An Irish Catholic liturgical musician and composer of contemporary, congregation-friendly music.

Kate Keefe - Music for Mass
UK based - publishes singable settings of psalm and gospel acclamations (both US and UK approved scriptural translations), that can be used free-of-charge in individual parish settings.  Also has some settings of the ICEL 2010 Mass texts.

Lenny Smith - Great Comfort Records
Writer of "Our God Reigns" and the force behind New Jerusalem Music, Lenny has published a number of newer songs, for which lead-sheet music is availale for free-download. Although he is now involved with evangelical churches, he was originally Catholic and many of his songs work well as hymns across various denominations.

Marty Haugen
An extremely well-known composer (Mass of Creation, etc), with many works published by GIA Publications.    Preview copies of upcoming materials are made available on his website.   From a Lutheran background, but his works are used in many Catholic and other churches.

Michael Herry - FMS
An Australian Marist, who makes sheet music available on his site on the condition that you buy the CD when it's available.

Michael Managan - Litmus Productions
An Australian composer, has written two settings of the ICEL 2010 Mass, and a wide variety of other congregational and children's hymns.

Monica Brown - Emmaus Productions
Music and other resources from an Australian composer/facilitator, with Irish connections.   Catholic themed.

New Scottish Hymns
A collective who focus on new hymns by Scottish writers, and adapting tradtioal hymns to new tunes from Scottish traditions.

Nick Baty - Concept Music
A niche "publisher" in the UK, founded in 2005 to share music from the community of Our Lady Immaculate, Everton. Offers very reasonably-priced settings of key Catholic liturgical texts.

Paul Page
An American composer. who has set a wide range of materials.

Peter Kearney
Australian religious folk-singer, whose 1966 publications included "Fill my House" and "The Beautitudes".  Later works include "Good Morning Good People" - a music based on Francis of Assisi.

Reverend Ally
An English Church-of-England minister who mainly writes hymn-texts to existing tunes.

Robert Mondoy - Mondoy Music
A composer and music director based in Hawai'i - has translated a number of works to Hawaian, and produced liturgical guides for Hawaian and Filippino cultures.

Rory Cooney
An American Roman Catholic liturgical composer, who offers some free material from his website.

Stephen DeCesare
An American Roman Catholic music theatre practitioner, music director and self-taught composer, who has a large catalog of works (original and arrangements) available through JW Pepper and SheetMusicPlus.   Works include the Mass of Divine Mercy.
  Teresa Brown - Devine Music
A UK based niche "publisher", featuring and selling the work of Teresa Brown including the Mass of St Luke the Evangelist.

Tinnah dela Rosa
A liturgist and composer from the Phillipines.   Her site includes settings of the Psalms which may be reproduced for non-profit reasons.

Wendy Pixner
An independent composer offering free downloads of her hymns.

Would you like to be listed here?

This list is a work-in-progress.   Please leave a comment below if you would like to be included.

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