Free settings of the ICEL-2010 Mass texts

The updated English-language translation of the Catholic Mass (known here as ICEL-2010 - see ICEL-73 vs ICEL-2010) has been a major  financial opportunity for the major church-music publishers.

But not every community can afford new resources.   Some have spent their music budgets, and are  disappointed with what they received:   it will take years to  "road test" the new arrangements, to see what settings congregations and music groups find best for their communities.

Below is a list of places where materials are available free (licensed under Creative Commons or in other ways) or at a very low cost.   It will be updated as new ones are found.  

Leave a note in the comments box at the bottom of this page to suggest other settings:  the only criteria are free or low cost, and a setting of at least one part from the ICEL-2010 Mass.

Mass for Christ the King and Mass of the Healing Lord
Settings by an English folk-inspired composer.    Lead sheet music and MP3 tracks are provided free on his website.

Mass of the Blessed Fire
An unaccompanied, unison setting of the people's acclamations and chants, with melodies inspired by American Shaker tunes.

Music for Mass
An un-named setting by an English composer who has focussed on singable settings.    PDFs files (scored for piano) and rather tinny sounding MP3 files.   Includes the Mayfield Gloria, for which there are suggested guitar chords here.

Various pieces from Concept Music
Very reasonably priced individual pieces (Warrington is closest to a complete setting) from an English composer.

Chants from the Roman Missal
These are in Latin, and have received a mixed reception - but they may be "reproduced free of charge in printed form, for non-commercial purposes, in publications not for sale"

Additional pieces for specific ceremonies (eg the Exultet for the Easter Vigil) are available here.

Glory to God - Peace to People
A refrain-and-verse setting of "almost exactly" the Gloria text, to the ODE TO JOY tune.

Hymn Composers
Some settings from a Welsh organist. 

New Mews Mass
A setting commissioned by the New Zealand Bishops, and available for free on their website - copyright information is not mentioned there.

Mass of St Francis
This simple setting by Australian composer and liturgist Paul Taylor is one of seven recommended for use in Australia:   melody, choir and instrument editions can be downloaded, and there are MP3 files for each part with organ or organ plus cantor.   Further copying requires you to have a Word of Life copyright licence - meaning that the setting is only practically available for use in Australia and New Zealand.

Two other Masses are also listed:   for them the melody edition and MP3 files can be downloaded, but choir and instrumental parts have to be purchased from OCP.

Masses of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, Saints John Mary Vianney, Rose of Lima, John the Baptist, Dominic
Composed by members of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, and freely available (donation requested).   Simple unison settings - melody line scores can be downloaded, and MP3 files of the vocal arrangement.

Various settings from Corpus Christi Watershed
Many free chant style Masses (some in Latin, all written for organ) plus stand-alone parts. Most have example videos or MP3 files.

Mass of the Sacred Heart
By Australian composer James Maher.

The New Pilgrim's Mass
By English composer and music-tracker, Gordon Rock.

Settings from the St Michael Hymnal
The publishers of this traditionally-oriented American hymnal have provided full-score and assembly card versions of the six mass settings in the hymnal - for free download.

Not all settings are of equal "quality" - and this is impossible to discern, because a "quality setting" for one congregation or occasion may be totally suitable for another.  Use with discretion.

Only some of these settings and pieces have been submitted for approval to local review committees, and different countries have established different processes for this and guidelines for what may be used.   Use according to your local guidelines / regulations.

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  1. Paul Mason - Mass of St. Francis
    Melody, choir and instrument editions can be downloaded, and there are mp3 files for each part with organ as well as organ plus cantor. This Mass setting is one of seven recommended for use in Australia, and is quite popular because of its ease. Two other Masses are included on the page allowing download of the melody addition and mp3 files, but choir and instrumental parts have to be purchased from OCP.

    Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph
    6 free simple Mass settings. Four are fully recorded with cantor and organ.

    21 free chant style Masses (some in Latin) plus stand-alone parts. Most have example videos or mp3 files.


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