May Holy Angels Lead You into Paradise - a hymn of farewell

This is the final processional hymn from the Roman Catholic funeral rite.

Traditionally, this hymn was sung by the choir as the deceased was taken from the church. However in some cases, it may be used as a spoken prayer at the end of the funeral liturgy, followed by an appropriate locally-chosen hymn.

The setting below is to the first part of the Irish tune used for "Danny Boy".

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May holy angels lead you forth to paradise,
And may the martyrs greet your coming home.
May you find welcome there within God’s dwelling-place,
The radiant city, New Jerusalem.

ABC Notation:

Ref:  What is ABC

T:May Holy Angels
T:The Londonderry Air / Danny Boy
Z:abc-transcription ,
FGA | "G"B3 A BedB |"C"(AG) E3 G Bc |
w:May ho-ly ang-els lead you forth to pa-ra-dise, and may the
d3 "G"e dBGB | "D"A4 z FGA | "G"B3 A BedB |
w:mar-tyrs greet your com-ing home. May you find wel-come there with-in God’s
(AG) "C"E3 FGA | "G"B3 c "D"BAGA | "G"G4 z |]
w:dwell-ing-place, the rad-iant city,_ New Je-ru-sa-lem.

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