Printable music roster, May to July 2014

This is a printable music-team roster for the period May - July 2014.   It has:
  • One row for each Sunday in this period, labelled with the corresponding feast from the US liturgical calendar (since most readers here are from the US).  If your country observes the Ascension on a Sunday, the you may need to change the entry for 1 June to "Ascension of the Lord"
  • Three columns: one each for co-ordinator, musician(s) and audio-visual - since these are the three categories that my parish uses.  You should change these, too, to suit your local needs.

(Use this one if you want to change the form)

To download it, click the link below the image. You’ll be taken to a page were can either print it or save a copy of it onto your own computer.

This printable is for your own use in your parish / school / etc. If you’d like to share it with friends and associates, please give them the link to this post. Pinning it is fine, provided it's done from this page.

Why this printable, and why now?

Yes, I know it's already the 3rd week of May!

But it only occurred to me today that this chart,  which I prepare every quarter in my own parish, might be good to share. And I really like our current quarterly pattern of planning in three month groups of:
  • Feb - Mar - April (always covers Lent and Easter)
  • May - Jun -Jul (spring / summer in Europe, winter in the southern hemisphere)
  • Aug - Sept - Oct (Back-to-school = 2nd new year in Europe)
  • Nov - Dec - Jan (New Year and summer-holidays in the south, people get together in late January to plan for the rest of the year)
because this matches both the liturgical and secular-seaons.

The next version, for Aug-Oct 2014, will be available in mid July. Let me know (com-box below) if you have any requests about what it should include.

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