Hymns for Pentecost Sunday, Year C (5 June 2022) - Revised Common lectionary

A selection of hymns and songs, based on themes from the Revised Common lectionary for Pentecost Sunday in Year C.

Most are free-to-use (ie public domain or copyright-free) meaning the words can be copied and sung to at least one tune with no concerns about copyright or performance licensing - sometimes in a limited setting.    Many of these hymns are old/traditional - but where possible a variety of styles and genres are included.

A small selection of hymns that are still subject to copyright may also be included.


Acts 2:1-21 - The gathered apostles heard the wind, were filled with the Holy Spirit, and able to speak in the languages of everyone in Jerusalem.  The crowd are sceptical Peter tells them it is the work of the Holy Spirit, and describes what will happen in the last days.
Genesis 11:1-9 - The tower of Babel, built (or not) when the Lord confused the languages of the earth.

Psalm: 103 - Send forth your spirit O Lord and renew the face of the earth / Bless the Lord my soul / You take back your spirit they die / May the glory of the Lord last forever

Second: Romans 8:14-17 - Everyone moved by the Spirit is a child of God.

Gospel:   John 14:8-17, (25-27) - Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. ... If you love me, you will keep my commandments ... I shall ask the Father and he will give you another Advocate.


Receiving the Holy Spirit - being taught and empowered by it.

Free-use art-works

See lectionary art for this Sunday for suggested pictures and art-works based on today's readings.

Free-use hymns

Come down O Love Divine

Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest - Caswall

Come Holy Ghost God and Lord - Luther

Come thou Holy Spirit Come  - Caswall

Creator Spirit by Whose Aid

Every Time I Feel the Spirit

 God Whose Almighty Word - Marriot 

Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost
Hail Thee Festival Day (with Pentecost refrain)

Holy Spirit Lord of Light

Holy Spirit Truth Divine

If You Believe and I Believe

Joy Because the Circling Year

Lord God the Holy Ghost - Montgomery

Love Divine all Loves Excelling

O Breath of Life come Sweeping Through Us - Head

O Breath on me O Breath of God

O Holy Spirit Lord of Grace  - Coffin

O Holy Spirit Enter In - Winkworth

O Spirit of Life O Spirit of God - Mattes

O Thou who Camest from Above - Wesley

Peace be to this Congregation - Wesley

Our Great Redeemer as he Breathed - Auber

Revive Your Church O Lord - Midlane

Spirit Divine Attend our Prayers - Reed

The Leadings of the Spirit (Come Gracious Spirit Heavenly Dove) - Browne

Hymns which may still be copyright

As we Gather - Kendrick

Baptize us with your Spirit - Wren

Colours of Day - Parachute

Come Down O Love Divine
(the words are copyright in most countries, but the most commonly-used tune is not)

Enemy of Apathy - Bell

Everyone Moved by the Spirit - Landry

Father Lord of all Creation - Cross

Filled with the Spirit's Power with one Accord - Peacy

Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading - Olson

God to enfold you - Bell

Holy Spirit - Pixner (ref)

Holy Spirit Come Confirm us - Foley

Holy Spirit the Dove Sent From Heaven - Starke

Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song - Daw

Litany of the Spirit - Inwood

On Pentecost they Gathered - Huber  (link)

Shine Jesus Shine - Kendrick

Sing to Him in Whom Creation  (esp verses 1,4,5,6) - Hewlett

Spirit of God Rest on Your People - Farrell

Spirit of God Sent From Heaven Abroad - Knudsen

Spirit of God Unseen as the Wind - Old

Spirit of God Within Me - Dudley-Smith

Spirit of Holiness, Wisdom and Faithfulness - Idle

Spirit of the Lord Come Down - Stanbrook Abbey, 1970s 

Spirit Spirit of Gentleness - Manley

The Spirit came as Promised - Seddon

When Deep Despair Casts out all Light - Youngson

When God the Spirit Came - Dudley Smithy

When Jesus Taught by Galilee - Dudley-Smith

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