Free-use Palm Sunday Hymn Sheet

This is a one-sheet-of-paper (ie two A4 page) selection of "free-use" hymns and songs for Palm Sunday, and Christ the King
(These are two very different feasts - but very many free-use hymns for them are the same.)

All hymns are in the public domain.  This means they can be sung anywhere, to at least one tune, and the sheet can be copied freely.  Note that some hymns may also be set to newer tunes, which are still copyright.


  • To download a file, click a link above. You’ll be taken to a page were can either print it or save a copy of it onto your own computer.
  • This printable is for your own parish / school / etc.
  • To share it with friends and associates, please give them the link to this post.

How to use the free Palm Sunday song-sheet

Simply open and print this sheet, and sing from it - no preparation is required.

But you are welcome to adapt it:
  • The pages are designed to be printed back to back.  

  • For one-off use, print it on paper.   For a longer-lasting resource, print on lightweight card, or laminate the pages.

  • There is a season-heading at the top of the page:  you may change it to you own logo or church-name.
  • Change the hymns which are included: 
    The PDF version is a file that prints exactly as it looks on screen.
    But the Microsoft Word version can be edited, if you want to change the hymns.  The only request -  if you add any hymns that are not public-domain (eg because your church / school etc has permission to make copies), then please change the page-footer.


The hymns in the Pal m / Passion Sunday hymn-sheet  are listed below, along with brief author details.  Click on the link for full details, including PowerPoint slides and sheet music where available.

No Hymn Author
42 Hail Redeemer King Divine Patrick Brennan (1877-1951)
43 All Glory Laud and Honour John Mason Neale (1818-1866)
44 Ride On Ride On In Majesty Henry Hart Milman (1791-1868)
45 Crown Him with Many Crowns Matthew Bridges (1800-1894)
46 Lauda Jerusalem Dominum Unknown -
47 At the Name of Jesus Caroline Maria Noel (1817–1877)
48 Praise my Soul the King of Heaven Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847)
49 Sing Hosanna Unknown
50 Rejoice, the Lord is King Charles Wesley (1707–1788)
51 Ride on King Jesus Unknown, pre 1872

What does the sheet look like?

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