Hymns based on the story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus

This is a selection of hymns based on the story of the road to Emmaus, as told in Luke 24:13-35.

It does not include hymns about other topics which could be implied from the parable (eg discernment) - just ones which relate directly to the story of the journey.

The list is grouped into two sections:
  • Free-use (either copyright has expired, or the author has allowed them to be freely used)
  • Still subject to copyright and so can only be used if you are covered by a copyright license.

Both children's and adults hymns / songs may be included in each list - because except for the youngest of children, it is is difficult to draw a clear distinction between them.

About the story of the road to Emmaus

The story told in Luke 24:13-35 describes how Cleopas and another disciple were walking towards Emmaus shortly after the resurrections, when when they met a man they did not recognise. As they walked, they spoke with him about about their sadness at recent events.  When they reached Emmaus, they persuaded the man to stay and eat with them.   At the meal, in the breaking of bread, they recognised him as Jesus.

As well as a variety of theological reflections, this scripture-passage has inspired very many paintings and artworks, and more recently a wide number of hymns and songs.

Songs and hymns which may be freely used

As the two Disciples Walked to Emmaus (Saviour Walk with us Today) - Johnston

Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread - Montgomery

Jesus Himself Drew Near - Habershon

O Thou who this Mysterious Bread - Wesley

The Walk to Emmaus - Kennish

The Walk to Emmaus (In converse with the risen Lord) - Martin

The Unknown Traveller To Emmaus - Pettus

We have Walked with Christ Today - Richmond

Hymns and songs which may still be copyright

A Stranger Joined them as they Walked - Garland

Are not our Hearts Burning?  - Reefman (video)

Are not our Hearts Burning Within Us - Landry

As Jesus walked the Emmaus Road - Marshall

As they Walked Along Emmaus Road - (KINGSFOLD) - Kinghan (ref)

And the Lord is Right be our Side - Wilkinson

As we Walked Home at Close of Day - Bell/Maule

Be Present now Dear Risen Lord - Beswick (ref)

Christ Journeys With Us on the Road - Chepponis

Day of Arising - Cherwien

El Peregrino de Emaús  / The Emmaus Road - Bringle

Emmaus - Alonzo

Emmaus-Bound on Easter Day (O WALY WALY)  Gillette (ref)

Emmaus Love - Carwell / O'Brien

Emmaus Road - Prigge  (ref)

He's Risen - Connaughton

He was There - Ferris (video)

Here in this Place - Haas

I Can See (The Emmaus Road) - Gaither / Meece (arranged by Green)

I Walk the Dark Emmaus Road - Bible (ref)

In the Breaking of the Bread - Ward

Emmaus Road (O Lord whose Love Designed this Day) - Idle

On the Day of Resurrection - Peterson

On the Journey to Emmaus - Haugen

On the Road to Emmaus (Just a few hours after the sunrise) - Steele - video

Road to Emmaus - Emmaus Blvd (rock song - video)

Road to Emmaus - Henderson (video)

The Road to Emmaus - Chryst (ref)

The Road to Emmaus - unidentified (video)

The Way to Emmaus - Hansen (video)

They Set out on Their Homeward Road - Kaan

Two Were Bound for Emmaus - Hurd

Walking with Jesus on Emmaus Way - Miles

Way to Emmaus - Rentler (video)

Who are you who Walk in Sorrow - Stuempfle

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